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Benefits of Activated Carbon for Overcoming Poisoning

Poisoning is a fairly serious health condition and can be experienced by both children and adults. To overcome poisoning, you can take advantage of activated carbon to help deal with these conditions. Besides being able to overcome poisoning, the benefits of activated carbon are also widely used to help overcome wound healing, diarrhea, digestive disorders and flatulence. However, it still needs further research on this matter. Understand How Activated Carbon Works The benefits of activated carbon has long been considered as an antidote to poisons for a long time. Even today it is still often used as a medicine in emergency care for certain types of poisoning. However, activated carbon is not effective in overcoming poisoning of certain ingredients, such as high acid, alkaline or alkaline substances, iron, cleaning fluids, coal oil, kerosene and gasoline. Activated carbon has a role in trapping poisons and chemicals to prevent their absorption in the intestine. Because activate
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There are at least 15 Cancer Symptoms to Watch Out for

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. There are at least 15 symptoms that can be a sign of cancer and need to watch out for, especially if it occurs continuously or even get worse. Although the exact cause of cancer is difficult to ascertain, but you need to know that there are various risk factors for cancer. Starting from eating patterns and unhealthy lifestyles, to heredity. Understanding the 15 Main Symptoms of Cancer Being aware of cancer symptoms can help you detect cancer as early as possible. Here are the symptoms of cancer that you need to look at: Changes in the mouth Oral cancer often occurs in smokers characterized by bright red, gray, or yellow patches in the mouth and tongue. These complaints are also often accompanied by swelling in the mouth, then the mouth that often bleeds for no apparent reason, and numbness in the mouth and face. Pain when swallowing Pain when swallowing food is common if you are coughing or experiencing strep t

There Are Various Benefits of Salam Leaves for Health, Not Just the Delicacy of Cuisine

Bay leaf plants or Eugenia polyantha are often used by Indonesian people as a food delicacy. However, besides that you need to know that the benefits of bay leaves are also believed to be able to maintain health and help overcome various diseases. In the bay leaf content there are compounds such as niacin, fiber, tannin, and vitamin C which are thought to reduce serum triglyceride levels. Not only that, one of the most popular benefits of bay leaf is as an upset stomach medicine and helps with diarrhea. Get to know the various benefits of Salam leaves Many studies have been conducted in turning bay leaves into extracts that are useful for treating various health complaints and diseases. Although in fact it still needs further research, here's what you need to know from bay leaf extract: Prevents kidney stones Studies show bay leaf extract can prevent kidney stones. Bay leaf extract is also believed to be able to reduce the amount of urease in your body. Urease is an enz